Media Activities

In the last decade, Professor Gerges has given hundreds of television and radio interviews, including ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, Nightline, ABC Special Reports, and documentaries, CNN, PBS, BBC, CBC, and Al Jazeera (Arabic and English); he has given scores of interviews for National Public Radio (NPR), dozens of NPR national affiliates (he was a commentator for Morning Edition).

Professor Gerges appeared twice on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “Oprah: After the Show” and discussed international relations and US foreign policy towards the Muslim world, the war on terror, Iraq, and Al Qaeda. He was alone with just one other guest for the entire duration of the shows.

Gerges has also appeared on various PBS programs, including “News Hour with Jim Lehrer,” “Now with Bill Moyers,” “With Burt Wolfe,” and others.

He has also given scores of interviews for National Public Radio, particularly for “All Things Considered,” “Morning Edition,” “Talk of the Nation,” “The Connection,” “On the Media,” “Diane Rehm Show,” “Brian Lehrer Show,” “On Point,” “To the Point,” “Here and Now,” “The Forum,” “Minnesota Public Radio,” “Chicago Public Radio,” “Maryland Public Radio,” “Baltimore Public Radio,” among others.

Professor Gerges has also made several appearances on “The Charlie Rose Show,” often with only one guest, to discuss Arab and Muslim politics, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Islamism. Rachel Maddow of CNBC has interviewed him more than once.

He has given dozens of interviews for various CNN domestic and international programs, including “CNN with Fareed Zakaria,” “American Morning,” “Prime Time with Paula Zahn,” CNN with Wolf Blitzer, CNN “News Night” with Aaron Brown, CNN “Moneyline” with Lou Dobbs, CNN “Weekend” with Anderson Cooper, CNN “Financial Network” (fn), CNN “In the Money,” CNN “Headline News,” various CNN “Weekends” shows and CNN international programs, including “Insight,” “Q and A,” “News Biz Today,” and “Diplomatic License.”

Between 2001 and 2007 Professor Gerges worked for ABC news television as a senior analyst. He regularly appeared on ABC’s World News Tonight with Peter Jennings with an estimated daily audience of 10 million viewers. He also appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” “Nightline,” “This Week,” and “ABC Special Reports” and on various ABC local affiliates throughout the nation. He worked with Barbara Walters’s 20/20 and advised ABC on a variety of topics and themes.

He also appears regularly as a commentator for international television stations, including CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), Al Jazeera, and LBC (Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation), Future Television, and others.


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