Before joining the faculty at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2009, Professor Gerges had taught at Oxford, Harvard and Columbia universities and was a research fellow at Princeton University. From 1994, he held the Christian A. Johnson Chair in Middle Eastern Studies and International Affairs at Sarah Lawrence College, where he taught a variety of seminars on international affairs and the Middle East. He now teaches Middle Eastern Politics and International Relations at the London School of Economics. The following is a list of the current course(s) he is teaching, followed by a few of the courses he has taught in the past.

Current Course

The International Relations of the Middle East

The course has several objectives:

1. to provide students with an introductory analysis of the International Relations of Middle Eastern politics since 1918 and the historical evolution of the international system

2. to give students a grounding in the development of the International Relations in the modern Middle East and to enable them to relate the course of events to analytic issues in the study of International Relations

3. to train students to think conceptually and provide them with an understanding of how IR approaches and frameworks help make sense of developments in the Middle East

4. to familiarize students with linkages between domestic politics and international relations and foreign policy and how regional dynamics and developments interact with problems of international security, global resources and great power/ superpower / hyperpower policies

5. to enable students to read, discuss and write in a clear and critical manner, to explain and analyse the International Relations of Middle Eastern and external actors, and to provide informed, succinct and critical analysis of issues raised by the international politics of the region

Previous Courses

– Profiles of Islamic Revolutionaries

– Empires to Nations: Inventing the Modern Middle East

– American Foreign Policy in the Middle East

– Arab Politics in the Age of Dictators

– Conflict and Peacemaking in International Affairs

– Political Cultures of the Middle East

– Women and Patriarchy in the Middle East

– Islam and Democracy

– State, Society, and Culture in Egypt

– The Great Powers and the Middle East

– International Relations of the Middle East

– Why War?